Thursday, December 31, 2009

me intro

Hello friends!
My name is Ikuno, and I'm currently a sophomore at Wellesley College. I am the Public Relations and Promotions/Recruitment coordinator for JASC. I will also be organizing the California site with Mariama! During the 62nd JASC, I will be leading the roundtable discussion on the role of National Identity in the Globalizing Society with my Japanese counterpart Yuri.

Last summer I participated in the 61st JASC, which was one amazing experience. In just one month, not only did I learn more about my heritage country, but I also met 72 wonderful JASCers and had tons of interesting adventures on the way.

Alittle bit more info about me:
I'm a nomad. I've been moving around, living in many different countries from day 1. Interestingly, although I am Japanese by nationality, I've never once lived in Japan. I guess, this was one reason for my interest in participating in the 61st JASC. But perhaps more importantly, the fact that JASC was a completely student-run, student-focused conference that challenged students to think about their role in global issues was something that truly excited me!

Currently at Wellesley, I'm studying History. I'm currently really fascinated by 15th to 18th century Latin America history. But I've also taken some really great classes on Asian American-Japanese American History.

Well I think that's about it for me! I wish you all a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Hoorah for the coming year of 2010! And horrah for the coming 62nd JASC!

I hope you all apply!


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