Friday, May 14, 2010

AEC Update: 10 weeks to JASC

Hey everyone! Summer is here... for some of us, at least. The AEC will be all over the globe this summer, including Korea, Japan, England, NY and DC. If any JASCers (past and present!) are nearby, any of us would love to meet up!

The last time we all saw each other was during Spring Meeting, in March, at Princeton. We arrived Thursday and stayed up all night reviewing applications... then stayed up the next night discussing RTs... finally, on Saturday night, running on about 4 total hours of sleep each, we shot some video to introduce ourselves to the 62nd Japanese Delegation (this occurred after midnight.)

We all left each other on Sunday, traveling back to our respective universities and heading into Spring Break... JASCing never pauses, though. We were sent into the second half of the semester, doomed to be even more tired than the first... Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad.

Meanwhile, the JEC was busy preparing for Spring Orientation with the Japanese delegation, which took place between May 3-5 in Tokyo. During these few days, delegates met with alumni, had a session with English-speaking students, and had roundtable discussions--photos of RTs will be posted soon!
For those of us in the US, as our finals come to a close, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and continuing to work towards the 62nd Japan-America Student Conference, aka, the best summer you'll ever have.

On that happy note, time to get to know your AEC!
Intro videos for the AEC are below; the second video is the one we shot for Japadeles, in which we're in a zombie-like state... maybe the JEC can prepare a similar video for us to show everyone during American Orientation!