Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years! (Late) AEC Intro

Hello, this is the blog administrator. It has come to my attention that the people who have been given permission to post on this blog are the JASC 62 executive committee members "Naoki, Leah, David, Diane, Ikuno, Mariama and 62nd JASC AEC." While "62nd JASC AEC" may (or may not) be a fitting author for administrative announcements, it is unfortunately being used at the cost of the administrator's own name and email address. Astonishingly, the administrator is actually (a) human.
My name is Yudai Chiba. I am a senior at Princeton University majoring in East Asian Studies and getting a certificate in musical performance (violin). My JASC duties include cross-cultural liaison (or alternatively, AEC/JEC liaison) and technology = maintaining this blog. Lessons that I've learned (or am afraid I will be forced to learn soon) include A) communication gaps don't get bridged when you don't communicate and B) blogs don't set themselves up and entries don't write themselves. My New Year's resolution includes a clause about being a more responsive and responsible AEC member... orz Sorry everybody :(

In terms of other AEC responsibilities, I am also one of the site coordinators for the Richmond, IN site at Earlham College. I also happen to be an Indiana native so I'm very excited about this site...! I would have never guessed that JASC 62's first site would be in Indiana. To be perfectly honest I grew up in Indiana thinking it was the most boring place on Earth, and it's strange because I'm now trying to think of how I can convince others from thinking the same f(^^;) Really, though, I'm glad that JASC is coming to Indiana this year, and I can only hope that we can make our stay in Richmond (IN) a worthwhile one. Right, Diane...? ;)

I will also be co-running the roundtable (RT) "Security, Military and Peace: The US and Japan," which will focus on discussions of the Japan-US Alliance. Both my JEC partner, Mari, and I hope (I think??) to make it an engaging discussion in the spirit of the Alliance's 50th anniversary!

My hobbies? Ha, you'll find out if you apply to JASC~ >∀< Well, for one thing I play violin and have been since I was 4; I have been a member of the university orchestra since my freshman year. But that's not all! Teehee.

My plans after graduation? Haha, you'll, find, out, if, you, apply, to, JASC...?

For now, "doron!" (*The sound effect when ninjas disappear. Poof!)

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