Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Towards Global Awareness: Celebrating 75 Years of JASC

Naoki here, hope everything is going well for everyone out there! Now that finals are over or are just about wrapped up, you all (and us) finally are free for winter break ^^. Unfortunately for me...mine will end soon since I'll be back in Ithaca in less than a week ><.

But..in my short time home on Long Island, I was able to attend an event that was organized in New York City last Friday (12/18) by two of the AEC members from the 61st JASC. It was a small but exciting celebration of 75 years of JASC. A quick history reminder, JASC began in 1934, after the Manchurian Incident. One of the main reasons JASC is such an amazing experience is because of the people that you get to meet both during and after the conference!

We had two former JASCers, Ms. Margaret Haas (President, The Haas Associates, Inc. JASC 21, 22, 24) and Ms. Nancy Silverman (Assistant Vice President, Executive Risks. JASC 49, 50), attend and speak for a short period of time. Both offered their own experiences on how JASC changed them and how it affected their careers. It was exciting to hear that some of their closest friends today were still JASCers from their own delegations.

Afterwards, we had a panel of 61st JASCers (Summer 2009), Jose Pulido (sophomore at GWU), and Yudai Chiba (another one of our 62nd AECs!) and myself. Each of us were able to talk about why we applied to JASC and what we were able to come out of JASC with. Personally, I feel like JASC has fostered my own development as a student leader, encompassing even my activities outside of JASC.

Its only been 1/3 of a year since JASC61, but it still feels like just yesterday... I'm going to see some more JASCers tomorrow, and can't wait ^^.

Happy Holidays and have a good New Year!


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