Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finally a new AEC Intro >.<

Hello~! My name is Diane Lee. Currently I'm a Junior at Smith College (same as Leah!) double majoring in English and Government. I'm currently leaning towards pre-law. I attended the 61st JASC last year and had a blast and now I'm the promotion/PR/Indiana site coordinator!!! I will also be leading the Education RT with the lovely Azua who you guys saw in the photo below with Leah. As Naoki said all the AEC are working hard to take the 62nd JASC a great year!!! So....APPLY!!!!!!! ^^

I found out about JASC through a school newsletter and decided to apply 2 weeks before the deadline! >.< but I don't regret it. I applied because I've never been to Japan and really wanted to go and thought it would a great experience both academically and for pure fun. I met tons of friends, got to explore Japan and learned a lot. But what is most memorable I think are the times spent with all the JASCers and all the new friends you make. It is really unreal how close everyone gets within a short period of a month. I was always interested in Japan culturally (including food...keke although I don't like raw fish! gasp*) and became interested in it academically as I took a class on Japan Foreign Policy last year which was the semester before JASC started. I'm also taking a class on Japanese Government right now which sustains my academic interest in Japan. I have to say...it is quite interesting...LOL. I also have always wanted to learn Japanese due to the interest in culture and also the similarities it has with Korean. I decided to learn Japanese after JASC and am taking Japanese I right now. It's quite fun~ So a little background information on me: I was born in Seoul, Korea. I moved to the U.S. in second grade and have lived in NY ever since. I love NY! I still go back sometimes but not as often as I'd like. I still speak Korean often with friends and family. On my free time I love hanging out with friends, go singing at nrb/karaoke, eat different foods, watch Korean dramas...haha well that is all I can think of. Oh and I love dogs!!! Please check out the ISC website and apply to JASC. You won't regret it! It'll be one of the most memorable summers you'll have.


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