Friday, July 9, 2010

2 weeks to go!

Hey everyone,

If you've been following this blog, I'm sure you've noticed that... well, there's a lack of things to follow. The AEC has become increasingly busy with work, travel, and above all, JASC preparations. I can honestly say that I've loved working with every member of the EC and ISC, and have thoroughly enjoyed the (intence) experience of planning the 62nd JASC... it is a venture that should only be undertaken once, and I'm glad to have been able to do so. No sigh of relief will come until all delegates are safely on their flights away from San Francisco, with 16 of them planning the 63rd JASC... what bittersweet relief that will be.

No need to even think about the end of JASC 62, though, as it hasn't even begun... although, one might say JASC 62 began last August as a vision in all of our minds. Ohh, how that vision has evolved... and so have Japan-America relations, which have been going on much longer than this 76-year-old conference.

To summarize, here is a small list of events that have taken place between Japan and America during the past year--each of them blogworthy in their own right, but the other AEC have more expertise in politics and history. I just like to read the news, and spill my text about how great JASC is going to be.

Japan-America Relations '09-'10:

The Toyota safety crisis... Millions of Toyota vehicles are recalled in late 2009 due to a safety issue with the gas pedal. As one who does not drive, I can accept your apology, Mr. Toyoda... although I can't speak for those affected by the mishap.

February 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the US-Japan treaty of mutual cooperation and security--a major part of this year's JASC theme. Where do we stand now?

March 2010 also marks the 150th anniversary of the Kanrin Maru's voyage from Japan to San Francisco--where this year's JASC will conclude.

Okinawa falls victim to politics, again, and Hatoyama steps down as Prime Minister, as Naoto Kan fills the position shortly thereafter.

Of course, that isn't everything that happened between Japan and the U.S.--both countries are under considerable political and financial pressure as two of the world's leading economies. The United States has also recently accepted aid from Japan for the Gulf oil spill cleanup, a sign that we are still very much reliant on one another, and a relationship like this is never one-sided.

The trust, friendship, and cooperative nature of JASC are powerful enough to strengthen this bond as our generation transcends to become world leaders and global voices. In recognizing the past accomplishments towards peace and security between these two nations, JASC brings us together at a pivotal time for our partnership.

If you have more to add, or other noteworthy news stories, please leave a comment! I would add a picture, but I'm not at my computer... ><;

2 weeks to JASC, start packing! Take care everyone, and have a relaxing summer.

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